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Cooling, Heating, and Power (CHP) is a promising technology for increased energy efficiency through the use of distributed electric and thermal energy delivery systems at or near end-user sites. CHP systems have substantial potential to promote energy reliability and self-sufficiency for many industrial, commercial, and agricultural applications. In a joint effort among the Department of Mechanical Engineering, the Department of Chemical Engineering, and the Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station (MAFES), the Micro Cooling, Heating, and Power (Micro-CHP) demonstration facility has been established at Mississippi State University. This center has provided the university with the capacity to develop and optimize the implementation and use of CHP packages for energy conservation, efficiency, and reliability. The Micro-CHP center provides CHP feasibility research information and develops CHP systems suitable for agricultural, residential, and small commercial buildings. In addition, the Micro-CHP center develops and validates design tools for CHP applications as well as providing public education on the benefits of CHP systems.

Biomass generated in the Southeast region is rapidly becoming a viable energy source candidate to fuel various types of engines utilized in CHP applications. Bio-fuels can be produced from numerous sources such as animal waste and wood byproducts. However, one negative impact of biomass fuel production is that contaminants are present during fuel production. One of the high priority objectives of the Micro-CHP center is to evaluate the performance of Micro-CHP systems with simulated bio-fuels. As part of this process, bio-fuels with various levels of contaminants are simulated in the laboratory in order to evaluate the impact of Micro-CHP system performance as well as impacts on exhaust gas emissions. Thus, Micro-CHP systems have the potential to expand the growing biomass-based economy in Mississippi and the Southeast. The Micro-CHP and Bio-Fuel center focuses on the three regional recommendations of the DOE CHP Technology Roadmap: (1) Raise CHP awareness, (2) Educate the public about CHP, and (3) Provide technical assistance to those interested in installing CHP systems.

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