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The wood shop currently utilizes the lighting and comfort conditioning provided by the CHP system.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering is responsible for the installation of the CHP space conditioning and electrical power generation equipment. Parallel systems supply both the wood shop and the office. Each space contains a conventional high efficiency system and a CHP-based system, which can be operated independently of one another to produce desired conditions in each space. Natural gas is used for heating in the conventional system and as the fuel for the 15 kW generator. Heat from the generator engine coolant and exhaust is utilized to operate a 10-ton absorption chiller in the summer months and a hydronic heating system in the winter months. The office space employs a 2-ton split system with a condensing furnace and a 4-pipe air handler for the CHP system. The wood shop space utilizes a 5-ton package unit with natural gas heating (condensing furnace) and an outdoor 4-pipe air handler. System parameters are monitored by computer-based instrumentation.